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Mindful group for new parents, designed to be the weekly tonic you need to keep your mind in balance.

The early days of parenthood can be a rollercoaster of emotions leaving many people shocked at how they feel and wishing they’d prepared more. By joining these weekly sessions, you are taking some big steps to doing just that. It takes a little preparation, but can be preventative when you need it the most. Both joyous and tough times in parenthood are very normal, and this group and accompanying guide are designed to help you find your balance on a mental and emotional level (which can and does lead to physical wellbeing too).

Yoga at Home
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Beyond Birth Sessions

Each weekly session is designed to ease the transition into parenthood. Think of it as hand-holding across a wobbly bridge into an unknown place, and could do with reassurance and help finding your feet.

You (and your partner/husband/mum, etc) will learn skills to calm, soothe, and tune inwards. You will be guided to explore your identity as a parent (be it first or subsequent babies), and to connect with yourself, your baby and your loved ones.


Focusing on your mental well-being, offering virtual support, ideas and questions to build resilience, cope with and accept the challenges, learn to trust in your instincts and reach out for help when required.

You will learn skills that help you to slow down, connect and ease the emotional intensity of early parenting, so you can enjoy and bank the first precious months instead of them going by like a blur and being forgotten. It is not designed to be a mental health intervention. For anyone that may be struggling, if you feel that you need further help and are not coping please speak to someone close to you and use the resources included in the guide. If you find that you are experiencing the “baby blues” for longer than the first week or two, struggling to bond with your baby or more low or emotional than usual please speak to your healthcare provider.

These sessions use a combination of mindfulness, relaxation, self-hypnosis, and other psychotherapeutic techniques as a self help toolkit over 6 weekly sessions. Some aspects you may be familiar with, and others not.


You don’t need to have heard or tried any of this before now to find it easy to use and simple to apply to life with your new baby.

The weekly themes are:

What to expect in each session:

Questions and Journaling exercise
Mindfulness and relaxation exercise
Calm Baby soothing
Safe space to share

​Your partners are welcome. This is for all parents to benefit


​There is also an online Ebook Guide and Audios that accompanies the Group sessions available to purchase. You will be sent a link on signing up to the sessions.

If baby cries, that’s okay. If baby is asleep, that’s okay.


If you miss a session that is absolutely okay, you can take your 6 sessions within 12 weeks.

In person classes starting soon, please contact 

1. Nurture
2. Emotions
3. Connections
4. Healing and Recovery
5. Nourish
6. Transformation

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