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Mumma & Baby Yoga

For baby: aged two months to crawling;

For Mumma: post six / eight week check.

Classes include gentle yoga for the parent and for baby. 

There will be yoga for baby to support development, along with nourishing and nurturing postures, breath work and mindfulness for mum (parent).

The classes cover various themes which focus on supporting the bond between parent and baby, re-establishing a mother’s connection with her body, building a level of fitness for them to take forward and more.

The classes are there to provide a space for parents to be within a circle of like-minded people at the same stage in life, to share their stories if they wish and to support them through the journey they are on.

Classes to be booked in advance: £10 per week

Location: Garden Studio, Hawkhurst

When: Thursdays at 10 AM - 10:45

Dates: New term starts 12th January 2023

(Term time only)

Nothing to book at the moment
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