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Mummy moments

When we get that moment to ourselves we tend to fill it with the washing up, tidying the house, anything generally other than checking in with ourselves. 

With my second child I wanted to work out a way to really grab the chance when I could to have a little bit of self care, mostly for my own mental wellbeing.

I found that if I had a short nidra ready to go that I could easily access whilst at home after some of the life admin was done, just for fifteen minutes, to check in with my body and grab a few moments of well needed rest for me, then I was more likely to listen to it.

Therefore, I have put together a program of mini nidras that can be easily accessed whenever it is possible to grab those few moments. 

I work with you to tailor the recordings and build on a theme of choice to help achieve the moments of rest in the best way for you


With rest comes renewed energy and we need that energy in buckets with little ones to care for each day and night.

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