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Half Day Pregnancy Retreat

Join Rachel @_stronglikemama_ and Chloe @chloe_inhalexhalenetwork for a mini Mama-Moon.

Spend a gorgeous day relaxing in a peaceful setting, learning how to move through labour and preparing for birth and beyond.

Movement and mindset that will make all the difference to your pregnancy and birth...whilst feeling like the ultimate mama-to-be treat!

✨Welcome tea and chat ✨Prenatal Yoga to Breathe, Move & Relax ✨Introduction to hypnobirthing: preparing for a calm, confident birth ✨Delicious lunch from local supplier ✨ Hypnobirthing workshop: Supporting your body to birth your baby ✨Yoga Nidra relaxation to rest and recharge ✨Goodie bag with special gift from @selfcaresundaysbox

For more information see link on Retreat page. We would love for you to join us.

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