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#recordthemoment Day One

Day one of @action_woman 's #recordthemoment challenge and the word of the day is NOW.

Gosh how the new "now" is so different to how I imagined it to be. I was just getting started with my business, a business that predominantly involves being with people. Wow how I miss being with people. I've realise I am a hugger. I miss hugs. I miss being in the room with the people I teach.

This photo sums up the new version of "now" for me. I was a bit lost and very sad to not be able to continue with my lessons, but I got myself a headset and I had my first online class on Monday and it was utterly glorious!!! It was wonderful to be able to offer some relaxation and self-care to the ladies who joined me. The whole reason I wanted to start this business in the first place!! I still have adjustments to make along the way, but that's what this new "now" is for me, new lessons every day of how to adjust.

Enormous #virtualhugs from me. xx

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