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One to One Program

As someone who has suffered from insomnia and broken sleep patterns for most of my adult life I am passionate about helping others to achieve deep and healing rest through yoga nidra and mindfulness.

Sleep nidras are designed to not wake the listeners up at the end, so that they can continue to rest or sleep once the nidra concludes.

In the one-to-one sleep program I build a series of four recordings that are tailored to you to support a good nights sleep.  Once you book through the website I will be in touch directly to outline the monthly program in more detail.

A tailored service built around you focused on aiming for deep and healing sleep. On signing up, you will receive a video from me explaining the steps we take, a document outlining what yoga nidra is and how to prepare for your sessions, and a form which ask some questions in order for me to put together the first nidra designed for you.

After the first nidra session you will then be sent a follow up form to ensure we are on the right path together.

Four recordings over one month. Then you can stop there and reuse the recordings when you wish, or we can continue on the journey, month by month, supporting you as you would like.

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